The “Maury Christmas” Historic Home Tour began in 1951 as the Majestic Middle Tennessee Tour.

Since that time, hundreds have flocked to Maury County each year to tour the historic sites that make our county the “Antebellum Home Capitol of Tennessee.” Not only is Maury County the Antebellum Home Capitol of the state, it has also been said that there are more antebellum homes in Maury County, Tennessee than any other place in the United States, save Natchez, Mississippi.

Several of these antebellum jewels will be part of the Maury Christmas Historic Home Tour, including the Athenaeum Rectory completed in 1837. The Athenaeum is all that remains of two prestigious girl’s schools that operated in Columbia. While the schools have since closed, the Athenaeum Rectory remains and is now a historic site and museum dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of Maury County. The proceeds of the Maury Christmas Historic Home Tour go toward the continued restoration of the Athenaeum.

Beginning in 2013, the Athenaeum began a restoration process estimated at over $100,000. Since that time, over $60,000 has been raised and used to restore the home, but much more is needed. Attend the home tour and help save one of the Maury County’s grand sites!

For more information the sites featured on the 2017 Tour, visit our sites page. Additional information can be obtained by calling Tour Headquarters, the Athenaeum, at (931) 381-4822.

The Athenaeum Rectory pictured during the Winter of 2014-15.

Pictured above is the Athenaeum, Tour Headquarters. The Athenaeum Rectory was pictured during the Winter of 2014-15.


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  1. Arlene says:

    I’ve always wanted to but never have enjoyed this. Do you drive yourself from place to place or is there a trolley or bus that you take?


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